Has Google AdSense allowed ads to be displayed in a pop-up window?

Ads-Mediabox is the full-screen lightbox, not a pop-up window. It does not feature pop-up window functionality.
Every user of the website decides for himself, whether to view the enlarged image or not.
Opening an image in enlarged size is possible only at the discretion of the website visitor (the image will be shown in Ads-Mediabox lightbox only after clicking on the image).
Having opened the image in Ads-Mediabox lightbox, the user is provided with all control features, specifically:
— Public URL of the webpage
— Navigation arrows
— Preview of previous and next images
— Button closing the lightbox
There are many websites on the Internet, which display Google AdSense ads in a lightbox in a pretty similar way. Many of them have been working for years already.
The plugin’s webpage contains the list of popular websites using a similar solution.