Connect Ads-Mediabox

In order to connect Ads-Mediabox to your media files, you should turn on Link to Media File option in Attachment Display Settings.

Connect Ads-Mediabox

After activation, the plugin should run automatically through the website in 90% of cases. This is due to the preinstalled selector, which can be replaced in Global Settings of Ads-Mediabox (Selector box).

Connect Ads-Mediabox

Preinstalled selector, by default consists of 3 fragments.
Each of which is responsible for connecting the following image formats .jpg, .png, .jpeg.

You can remove the list of unneeded image formats if you do not use them in your records.

For example, leaving only .jpg. Then your selector will look like this.

In case the plugin does not launch, please, see article: What to do if standard selector doesn’t work.

In case your website contains images in posts or publications that don’t have a media file link, but you want to display them in Ads-Mediabox, please, see article: Connecting Ads-Mediabox to images without media file link.

Note! If you are using caching plugins, you need to:

1. Enable caching for mobile devices.

2. Use cache separation for the desktop and mobile version website. Whether this option is used depends on the caching plugin itself.