The WordPress Lightbox plugin that shows Ads

Advertising with increased images in a full-screen lightbox
is the easiest way to increase a website’s revenue.

lightbox Ads.Mediabox for Wordpress
lightbox plugin with advertising
ads lightbox plugin for Wordpress
Wordpress lightbox plugin with ads

Why do you need a Simple Lightbox that doesn’t make Money?

Start showing ads to visitors on your website when they view enlarged images in a full-screen lightbox Ads.Mediabox.

Top 5 Reasons People Love Ads.Mediabox

Advertising Places next to Images

Collect all images of one article into a single lightbox gallery and show them along with the advertisement. Separately for desktop and mobile website versions.

lightbox Wordpress with ads
Advertising Space between Images

Use the advertising space between images, or at the end of the entire group of images. Separately for desktop and mobile website versions.

ad unit between photos in lightbox plugin
Compatibility with WordPress Photo Gallery plugins

Replace useless lightbox in your photo gallery. In our documentation, you can find a list of photo gallery plugins and ways to connect Ads.Mediabox.

wordpress lightbox with ads
Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Gallery

Connect Ads.Mediabox to product images in WooCommerce. Use these advertising spaces to show discounts and motivate your customers.

lightbox plugin for Wordpress
Arbitrary code in Advertising Blocks

Display your own ad banners, subscription forms, callback widgets, countdown timers for promotions, QR codes, and other elements.

Ads.Mediabox plugin for Wordpress

The most popular non-WordPress websites showing Ads in a Lightbox

We now have a Lightbox plugin with Ads for WordPress

Frequently asked Questions and Resources

Will Ads.Mediabox slow down my website?
Absolutely not. Ads.Mediabox is carefully developed.
Has Google AdSense allowed ads to be displayed in a pop-up window?
Ads.Mediabox is a full-screen lightbox and not a pop-up window. It does not feature a pop-up window functionality.

Every user on the website decides whether to view the enlarged image.

Opening an enlarged image is only possible at the discretion of the website visitor. The image is displayed in a fully functional Ads.Mediabox window only after the user clicks on the image. In addition Ads.Mediabox’s background is not transparent.

By opening the image in the Ads.Mediabox lightbox, the user is provided with all the control features, specifically:

— public URL of the webpage

— navigation arrows

— preview of previous and next images

— button closing the lightbox

Many websites display Google AdSense ads in Lightbox in a similar manner.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Ads.Mediabox?
Absolutely not. The plugin can be installed and used without any coding knowledge.

We have made it extremely user-friendly.
I have a news website. Would I benefit from using Ads.Mediabox?
Surely, you would, even if you had put just one picture in every article.

Every time visitors view photos, they see new advertisements in Ads.Mediabox, which results in income growth.

If this was not the case, such a feature would not be used on websites such as MSN, TripAdvisor, OLX,, and esanok. pl.

Besides, the lightboxes that they use do not feature hover effect or ads in mobile version. But they are still using them.
There are media files without links. Is it possible to connect them to Ads.Mediabox?
You can very simply connect Ads.Mediabox to your media files that have no links and start earning extra revenue.
Start Using Photos on Your Website to Develop Your Business
Visitors viewing images on a website are more loyal and interested.
Create a WordPress website with better conversion.